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Bringing Nature's Sweetness to Perfection with Flavor and Freshness.


Our Story

Perched in the dusky and charming settings of the sun kissed hinterlands of the Indian penensula abounding in agricultural produce, Aamisha Foods aspires to transform itself as one of the leading producers, manufacturers and exporters of fresh and processsed Food and Beverage items from India in the years ahead. Our confidence to achieve our goals is due to the vast agricultural resources endowed by nature to our abode. Our location in the midst of in of the world's largest Food grain, Maize, Sugarcane, Oil seed, fruits and vegetables cluster and the abundance of a wide variety of choicest edibles like Tomato, Guava, Strawberry, Amla, Exotic Vegetables, Basmati Rice, Wheat, Sweet Corn, Pea apart from a host of other delights.

Leveraging our strengths

Leveraging our strengths and the rainbow of opportunities that presented themselves, Aamisha Foods is laboring to establish itself as a producer and supplier of highest quality fresh and processed food and beverage items to the Indian and International markets through the creation and smart utilization of infrastructure and state of the art facilities designed as per global standards all across this vast nation and beyond.

We aim to add value

We aim to add value to the farming community, our customers and the end consumers through value addition in the fresh and processed products categories through the integration of world class technology with modernization of Indian farming system. We invest in capacity building right from the farm along with providing training and enhancing the capabilities of farmers, to the creation of post-harvest infrastructure and end-to-end supply chain management to consistently provide superior quality produce across all markets.

Food producer and exporter

One of India's leading fresh fruit producer and exporter, focused on both the rapidly growing Indian and global markets, Aamisha's excellence stems from our ability to ensure end-to-end supply chain management along with the ability to manage quality control right from our Backward Linkage of providing high quality tissue culture saplings to farmers, all the way to our Forward Linkage of providing high quality fresh produce along with providing our superior Ripening Solutions to the wholesale Ex-Ripening Chambers and delivery to the end customer, while maintaining full traceability throughout this entire process.

Future Plan

This sets the foundation for a strategic upside in the future, through forward integration, by extending control of value chain to the wholesale ex-ripening chamber; as also backward integration by developing industrial farming options on own / leased land.

In a world that's always on the move, our products are evolving too.

We're committed to ongoing innovation, continuously updating our formulas, and seeking enhancements in nutrition by leveraging top-tier ingredients and cutting-edge technology. Discover the recent transformations we've made.


Our mandate for the near future is to be able to demonstrate the practicality and benefits of Corporate Sustainable Agriculture by overcoming challenges resulting from Climate Change like Soil Degradation, Land Desertification, Food Miles, etc. through the adoption of knowledge and state-of-the-art technologies for solving practical problems that threaten our food safety and security.

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Our Primary objectives

To construct, erect, purchase, hire, own, operate, manage, use, rent or otherwise create Infrastructure and to carry on the business of providing facilities and services for Agricultural operations including but not limited to cultivation, sourcing, procurement, import, transport, handling, storage, grading and packing including branding, distribution, marketing, export and sales of fresh fruits, vegetables, frozen foods etc. for ourselves as well as for our partners in the domestic and overseas markets.

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Our Vision

To be recognized globally for the quality of traded products and for the services provided, serving, improving and surpassing the expectations of our ethos, values, customers and suppliers.

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Our Mission

To serve our customers to the best of our abilities, as well as increase our profits so as to remain sustainable and justify our stewardship through the continual improvement of our offerings.

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The ultimate objective is to become a company that's focused on equity and genuinely inclusive.
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