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We are committed to take extraordinary measures to manufacture safe and wholesome products through appropriate technology in order to provide best quality machines which offer value for money to our customers and achieve customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of our processes and technology. We aspire to continually challenge ourselves to improve the quality and safety of our products for the benefit of traders, farming community, our suppliers and our end consumers.

INSTA ripe Ethylene Generator®

The INSTA ripe Ethylene Generator® is a revolutionary technology used for the ripening of fresh climacteric fruits globally. Banana, mango, papaya, citrus fruits, tomatoes etc. can be ripened in a natural manner though Ethylene Generators. INSTA ripe Ethylene Generator® mimics the natural ripening process through the secretion of natural plant growth hormone, Ethylene. As a result, fruit ripening is completely natural and chemical free.

INSTA ripe Ethylene Generator® is easy to use, portable and can be used for ripening needs up to 30 MT per machine. It is to be used with UNI-RIPE Ripening Concentrate® which is especially formulated for efficient and clean conversion to Ethylene gas. Having additional safety features, robust construction and One year warranty, it is the most trusted brand of Ethylene Generators by customers worldwide.

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UNI-RIPE® Fruit Ripening Concentrate

The UNI-RIPE® Fruit Ripening Concentrate is especially formulated for efficient and clean conversion to ethylene gas to be used with Ethylene Generators. It gives the best results when used with the INSTA ripe Ethylene Generators®, SIMPLY ripe Ethylene Generators® or any of our other available Ethylene solutions.

Sometimes referred to as “the Ripening liquid”, UNI-RIPE® Fruit Ripening Concentrate is simply poured in Ethylene Generators for quick, safe and constant ethylene gas production. With extra strong, natural plant extracts and active ingredients, UNI-RIPE® Fruit Ripening Concentrate is converted to ethylene gas at a higher rate than other ripening concentrates with less active ingredients. It is the most cost effective solution for all ripening needs and gives you value for money.

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